For Prospective Buyer

We offer a range of good quality products from all over Indonesia, it consist of Foods & Beverages, Fisheries, Fashion, Agro, Toys, Painting, Handycraft & Furniture. If you interest in a certain products, you can just visit the link of relevant market place in the portfolio menu. You can just click the products that you interested in, define the quantity. We will let you know the available stock and its price. Once, you agree you have to pay and write down your detail, so we can prepare the products delivery to your place. For special price, you have sign a long term contract. we will send the long term contract via email

For Indonesian SME

We offer a partnership for any Indonesian Small medium Enterprise (UKM) which produce & supply good products. We can help you to repacking with International standard, helping you to get International certification for your products, helping you to increase your production management, helping you to improve your products quality management, helping you to analyze how you can packaging your products & helping you to widen the market & distribution of your products. We present your products in 7 (seven) languages and we use search engine marketing, so your products will be well known in our hand.

You can appoint us as your sole distributors for your products and we will help you to promote and maintain the customers so your products can be spread out around the world. You can work together with us as long as you want without increase more hassle in marketing effort, you just focus on production & innovation.

You can select the category of your products in the portfolio menu and just click the link which is relevant to your product. You just upload the detail contact & picture of your products into our available marketplace and we will approve or we will contact you for improvement needed. congrats

For Reseller

We offer a partnership for anyone who would like to sale & distribute our range of products with special arrangement & special discount. You can select any products, spend sone amounts of money per month and you will raise your discount based on your purchase value.

For this purpose, please contact