Jendela Indonesia is brand which represent Indonesian SME in repackaging, marketing, selling & distribution their products to global market outside Indonesia.

We encourage SME’e owner to have a proper orientation to increase thier products quality for International standard. We also assist Indonesia SME products to enlarge their market to ASEAN countries or even to other countries.

And we support Indonesian citizen to get Indonesian products easier when they live far away from home, so we provide qualified Indonesian products with a proper and good packaging according to local market taste & trend.

Value Proposition


All products has certification based on local regulation and trading permit


The location can be accessed easily and the products can be delivered to your place


All culinary products has been processed with the high technology to lengthen its expiry date


All products are in huge variety made in Indonesia but we also provide local products to give opportunity for Indonesian tourist to bring it as gifts for their relatives


Our food & beverages are tasty, practical & easy to eat and to bring for Indonesian tourist which has a very limited time to catch up the travelling schedule